8 Tips to Start on Instagram And Get Followers

We all know that celebrities have millions of followers on Instagram. Sometimes, it can give us the impression that to get our own followers, before we have to jump to fame … Well no; We can all be successful on Instagram if we follow certain guidelines and learn from those who do best. We will not even need a big budget to invest in advertising: some photos, a lot of desire to learn, and to succeed!


Instagram is not for everyone. First of all, you have to be able to tell a story that generates interest through images or photos. Today there are tools that allow us to create images of almost any subject, however, that does not mean that this is our best way to tell stories.

Therefore, before we start, it is important that we make sure that we not only can, but also we want to generate and publish at least one image per day. Instagram is not like Twitter, where we can use any type of content; we need photos or videos that must also tell a story. So before we get to work, we must make sure we have a story to tell and that we know how to do it on Instagram.


As it happens in other social networks, we must ensure that our account can be easily found:

  • Choosing a name that people who seek us can recognize.
  • Using the right keywords: on Instagram, we have to use them as hashtags.
  • Uploading an avatar that is recognizable too.

From here we are ready to start

Needless to say, we need beautiful images, right? Even so, that does not have to be enough. There are many Instagram accounts with nice photos; on the other hand, some are very successful while others fail to capture the same level of attention. And this has an explanation: those who manage accounts that succeed dominate the rules and tricks of Instagram and know how to manage to attract followers, “likes” and comments. Let’s see some of those tips and tricks to get the most out of our Instagram activity:

  1. Investigate

When we started on Instagram, many people just use all the hashtags that come to mind every time they post a photo. But there are hashtags that are widely used and that may not occur to us, and may also work better than the ones we are using.

For example, if we have a French Bulldog from which we share photos on Instagram, we have a good handful of hashtags to choose from:

#bulldog (8,131,112 publications)

#bulldogs (1,796,747 posts)

#bulldogfrances (1,051,708 posts)

#perro (2,517,569 posts)

#perros (1,020,165 publications)

#bulldogg (16,750 posts)

#bulldoglove (549,330 posts)

#bulldoggram (16,521 posts)

#bulldogsofig (217.707 posts)

… and many more.

As you can see, sometimes a simple letter can make a big difference. We can also observe that some hashtags are repeated in various combinations. Which is the best option?

The answer is not always to opt for hashtags that have more mentions, which implies a great competition in terms of visibility. Also, generally these hashtags are not concrete enough. But we also do not want to use hashtags that nobody uses, of course, since they probably will not be what the public is looking for. We will have to prove what works best for us, so an initial investigation that lets us glimpse why some things work better than others can be of great help.

Once we have defined what hashtags come to us better and fit with the stories we have, we must save them. We can also use tools like the  Hootsuite Trendspottr to find the hashtags that are trending. In any case, for an initial and simple investigation, the Instagram app will suffice.

  1. Clear your texts by hiding some hashtags

Unlike other social networks like Twitter, where you have to use hashtags with care, in Instagram we can not only, but we must use many hashtags. Up to 30 are allowed. But these hashtags can make the text of the photo long and unattractive to read. We can hide them from our followers with a simple trick: Posting some of the hashtags in the first comment of the photo. By the time there are more comments, it will appear hidden.

In this way, hashtags will not saturate the text of the image and those who search for them will continue to find our image.

  1. “Cure” Content = Regram

Especially at the beginning, when we are starting, we probably do not have enough content of our own to post on a regular basis. Yes we can browse on Instagram and keep track of what others are doing. We will be able to feed our profile easily using the content of others. We just have to regram your photos. Actually it is not so simple if we are not willing to use another app to do it, since in no case should we steal content:

  1. We take a screenshot of the image we want to regram
  2. We select it as the photo we want to share, cutting it so that only the image is visible.
  3. Copy the text, always mentioning the owner of the photo: “Credits @usuario:”
  4. Now we can use the photo without problems.

Be careful: Do not publish photos of others randomly, asks the owner for permission beforehand!

If we have permission to do “regram “, it can be a great opportunity to connect with other instagrammers .

  1. Cross-publish in other networks

Are you new to Instagram but you already having a good number of followers in other social networks? Then it is important to announce the new account in these. An option can also be mentioned in the biography of other profiles, such as Twitter.

And after having announced our new Instagram account, we can remind the others through cross-posts of our Instagram activity on other social networks. With this, in addition to offering a more varied content on our Facebook and Twitter, we can increase engagement by up to 23% on these channels.

It is not advisable to share all the posts in other networks; If you want to see our Instagram images, you should follow us on Instagram ;-). But sharing a cool photo on our Facebook or Twitter from time to time can help some of our Facebook followers do it on Instagram as well and start building the community.

  1. Publications program

Programming publications that we have already written is important and useful, and in this Instagram is not different: if we publish when there is no one online, our posts will reach fewer people. On the other hand, if we publish when everyone does, we will compete with a multitude of images that flood the users’ feed at once.

What is the best time to publish? We will have to go testing, because it will depend on the sector, our followers and the type of content we share (professional or personal). As a recommendation: at any time from Monday to Thursday, provided it is not between 3 pm and 4 pm.

Buffer or Hootsuite are tools that can help us to schedule publications. In addition now Instagram already allows saving drafts!

  1. Increase your followers

When we are starting, we need to attract the initial followers. It is necessary to have a minimum audience so that our content begins to circulate. To grow our number of followers on Instagram we use the same methods you probably already know about Twitter:

Following profiles from our same area or niche – some will return the follow -. The key to success is in following the right people. A good starting point can be the followers and prescribers of the competition.

Giving “like” in the content of other users is possible to follow us to notice our existence

Engaging in conversation with other people through comments in the publications.

  1. Label other users when it makes sense

It is an “advanced” tactic that you may know about Twitter, where it is customary to mention the accounts that are quoted in a blog or that have collaborated in the creation of content. Mentioning this type of profile can help us achieve retweets and likes. There are also many occasions when it makes sense to tag other people on Instagram.

  1. Capture traffic

Bringing traffic to a blog or web can seem complicated, since you can not share a clickable link in the text of a photo. What to do then? A good formula is to mention the post in the text and invite users to click on the link in our profile. Experience tells us that it works.

Another way to do this is to put the link in the text and ask the users to copy-paste. It also usually works, although with this version it is more difficult to follow up, since the clicks will not come from Instagram in analytics. In these cases, it will be necessary to work with specific campaign links or other methods that allow traceability.

To know which of the two methods works best in our case, we will have to try both ;-).

If you’re still a newbie on Instagram, some of these tips will be useful. Any more that you would like to share with us? We would love to know your experiences!